Mixed Media

These works include a variety of materials such as acrylic medium and paint, ink, torn or cut papers, ribbon, string, fabric, wire, glass shards, and other found materials.

Community Projects

I have been honored with opportunities to engage with asylum-seeking children from Central America and witness how art-making can connect diverse groups of humans in powerful ways.

Bridge of Hope Mural

This goal of this mural project was to beautify an outdoor space and raise both awareness and funds for Foundation Cristosal, a human rights organization which supports victims of gang violence and poverty in Central America. The black outline style was chosen to pay homage to the traditional art style of El Salvador while facilitating a paint-by-number approach. The wall was painted in multiple sessions by all ages in the local community, and much fun and fellowship was had by all!

402 x 81 inches (33.5 feet wide by 6.8 feet tall); acrylic paint on vinyl siding, window frame, and drainpipe

Hands of Hope

This portable art display banner was a collaborative art project with asylum-seeking youth from Central America and members of the Christ Church and San Marcos parish in Tarrytown, NY. Everyone was encouraged to trace their hand on fabric and decorate it as they wished. To honor the asylum seekers, parishioners were given paper stars to write a message of hope and affirmation.

108 x 36 inches (18 x 36 inches folded); assemblage of embellished fabric and acrylic paint on accordion-folded corrugated plastic 

You Belong Banner

This was an collaborative project that engaged both developmentally disabled adults and asylum-seeking youth from Central America. The adults contributed drawings for the ground from which the tree grows, and the children were given bird templates to personalize. The banner was a gift for Abbott House, in Irvington, NY, to welcome asylum-seeking children staying there temporarily. Each child was encouraged to take their bird with them when it was time to leave.

36 x 84 inches; mixed media acrylic with cut and sewn canvas, felt, crayons, markers, and printed cardboard

Interactive Works

I believe in the power of play at any age. As with my book art, these works were created to offer a physical, responsive experience of aesthetic engagement. Depending on the mood or time of day.

Golden Nest

Because I never grew out of playing with blocks. Each nested tray is a golden rectangle made with acrylic gold interference paint (Golden brand that I weirdly happened to have) and old letter scraps on reinforced paper board.

Largest tray size: 10.5 x 6.5 inches

A Wake on the Beach

This ‘lantern painting’ plugs into the wall and can be enjoyed in a whole different way in a darkened space. It is made with acrylic paint, pieces of glass, shells, pebbles, paper, and ribbons to disguise the wire. The back of the canvas is lined with plexiglass and houses a string of strategically-placed lights.

Canvas size: 23 x 27 x 2 inches

The Last Leaf

Cuts in the canvas combined with a collage of old film negatives created a fiery effect in this lantern painting. Who needs a real fire? Well, I actually love real fire, so I also designed the pictured wall sconces to compliment this piece.

Canvas size: 12 x 28 x 1.5 inches